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ADULTS $20.00
(19yrs & over)

JUNIORS $15.00
(3yrs to 18yrs)


1. Only pool members & daily payers will be admitted.

2. Members must enter their membership number at the ticket booth upon entering the pool; daily payers must wear their wristbands at all times.

3. Sharing membership numbers or wristbands may result in a suspension of pool privileges.

4. No food from outside vendors allowed on pool grounds. Deliveries will be declined.

5. Children under the age of 12 must be under the direct supervision of a responsible guardian age 16 or older.



Lower Pool closes at 4:00 p.m.
Upper Pool closes at 4:45 p.m.



435 Park Avenue (Between Kulp Road and Maple Avenue)


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April 4, 2017 @ 3:10 pm
posted by admin

With the upper pool opening in 1957 and the lower pool opening in the early 1970s, the filtration systems and piping to and from the pools have been updated and/or replaced as needed throughout the Center’s 59 years.  The pools’ basic structures, walls and floors, have remained untouched other than being painted almost every year and the walls/floors patched as necessary.  The exceptions being in 2011 when the upper pool’s “bulkhead” was removed and replaced with a peninsula, the baby pool was re-plastered, a zero entry ramp and steps were added for ADA compliance.  Going forward, to help us with the task of assessing both pools, we developed the following list of concerns, needs, and questions we had concerning each pool:

Upper Pool

  • Safety – Can the diving well be redesigned to meet today’s depth, width and length requirements?
  • Gutters are in bad shape; have been patched and sections replaced after tough winters; must be scraped and painted each year; can no longer be utilized as designed – leaks between the gutter and the top of the pool wall prevent water from reaching gutter
  • Base drain valve and pipes leading to base drains need to be replaced
  • Mid-section floor has had many, many patches over the years – needs to be re-plastered
  • Return line “screens” prevent proper winterization
  • Need additional shallow water in the baby pool section
  • Safety – decks have many cracks, gaps and non-level areas between sections

Lower Pool

  • Safety – Is it possible to increase the depth of the deep end? (diving in from blocks)
  • Structural – Are the wall issues structural or cosmetic?
  • Skimmer system not ideal for a competition pool
  • Returns are located in floor of pool; pool must be emptied to winterize
  • Original plaster; needs sandblasting and re-plastering
  • Safety – decks have many cracks, gaps and non-level areas between sections

We then met on site with our pool contractor and his engineer working through the list outlined above, as well seeking additional input from them concerning any other issues or changes they felt were necessary going forward.  Both are familiar with our complex as they assisted us in our renovation project beginning in 2011.

After working with contractor and engineer reviewing several drafts, the following options were selected for each pool:

Upper Pool Renovation 2017

  • A completely new skimmer pool within existing pool; essentially form and shoot a new pool within existing pool; modifying baby pool to allow for new depth of shotcrete; peninsula will be modified to accept changes
  • The diving well will be redesigned to have one diving board; meeting competitive requirements
  • The new activity pool will have two new wedding cake steps on each side of pool; current straight steps to be removed
  • The new activity pool will have new main drains and new piping back to filters, 10 new skimmers with new piping back to filters, 16 new return fittings with new piping back to filters, all new precast concrete coping, waterline tile, quartz plaster, depth markers, and new decking around the pool’s perimeter
  • The new activity pool will utilize the existing filtration system (new in 2016) and will tie in as planned; the diving board will be moved to new area; the slide will be moved; the pool will be bonded and grounded
  • The baby pool will have a large expanded zero entry; additional wall jets and features reinstalled; there will also be bubblers installed throughout the zero entry


  • Essentially, a new pool with all new plaster finish, all new piping and a working skimmer system
  • Safe diving well; new layout meets current competitive requirements
  • Redesign of diving well will repurpose an area for swimming
  • Pool can now be properly winterized; pool cover will be installed for the winter
  • Expanded zero entry gives us increased shallow water for our youngest patrons
  • Additional set of steps makes entry and departure from the pool much easier than a ladder for many of our patrons
  • Replacement of pool decking removes many tripping/falling hazards

Lower Pool Renovation 2018

  • Saw cutting down of entire pool beam; removal of  tile coping and 18” down of the beam
  • Structural rebar and shooting in of shotcrete haunch or receptacle for the gutter
    • while the wall issues are thought to be cosmetic, an added benefit is this will correct any structural beam damage if it has occurred
    • Installation of new perimeter overflow stainless gutter with Balance Header to avoid surge tank
      • New overflow gutter will add 5/6 inches of depth
      • New dual main drains and drain line connected to Balance Header and new drain lines to filters; new return lines and wall fittings
      • Increase depth of deep end (end with starting blocks) of pool by one foot for a distance of 18’ from end wall
      • All new lane lines and targets in tile; quartz plaster finish and new decking around the pool’s perimeter


  • Stainless overflow gutter system is ideal for competitive swimming
  • Increased depth of water will allow for safer diving from starting blocks
  • Tiling of lane lines and targets will mean not having to be painted yearly
  • Pool can now be winterized without completely draining the pool
  • Pool can now be properly winterized; pool cover will be installed for the winter
  • Replacement of pool decking removes many tripping/falling hazards


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